Will my order be shipped discreetly?

Rest assured that our product packaging is potentially the most discreet in the industry.  All orders are shipped in secure cardboard boxes, with absolutely no references to hemp or CBD on the packaging.  All products including hemp flower are shipped completely smell-proof, in heat-sealed zip-locked mylar bags.  We also have full permission to ship all of our products via our chosen courier network, so you can buy with total peace of mind.  For more details with reference to shipping, please click here

What is the cut off time for same-day shipping?

We ship Monday to Friday and sometimes on weekends.  Usually, under normal circumstances, any order placed by 1pm weekdays would be shipped the same working day.  However, as with many online retailers, We’ve had to make some significant changes to our normal operational capacity to stay safe. For this reason, fulfilment time may take a little longer than usual.  We will endeavour to ship any order placed by 1pm weekdays within 24 hours or the next working day.  Thank you for your understanding and patience in this time of difficulty.  Please see ‘Shipping Policy’ for more details. 

Is CBD hemp flower <0.2% THC legal?

The answer is no unless it fits the criteria of an “exempted product by definition of regulation 2 of the MDR 2001”.  To legally fit the criteria of an exempted
product; all CBD hemp flowers must meet 3 limbs: (a) the preparation or other product is not designed for administration of the controlled drug to a human being or animal; (b) the controlled drug in any component part is packaged in such a form, or in combination with other active or inert substances in such a manner, that it cannot be recovered by readily applicable means or in a yield which constitutes a risk to health; and (c) no one component part of the product or preparation contains more than one milligram of the controlled drug. We are absolutely confident that our products fit these criteria.

Do all CBD hemp flowers contain trace levels of THC-A, is this legal?

Good question!  THC-A in its pure form is not a controlled substance, neither is it psychoactive. However, according to the “Cannabis and Drugs Factsheet” THC-A is treated with a presumptive caution that by virtue it will readily degrade into THC via heat or ingestion.   The UK government states; “However, it is understood that THC-A readily degrades both naturally and with a catalyst or environmental change (e.g. ingestion) to THC which is a Schedule 1 controlled cannabinoid. Against this background, the presumption is similarly one of caution, namely that THC-A will become a controlled substance by virtue of its degradation”.

Trace levels of the non-controlled cannabinoid THC-A are not an issue legally as all CBD hemp flower and organic CBD hemp hash products are retailed as “not intended to heat or consume by a human or animal” to lawfully meet limb (a) of the “exempted product criteria by definition of regulation 2 of the MDR 2001” (please see question 4) therefore THC-A will not degrade into a controlled cannabinoid, albeit, even in trace levels. It’s also worth noting that none of our hemp flower/hash products contains any detectable levels of the controlled cannabinoid THC (delta 9). Therefore, ALL of our finished packaged products absolutely contain less than 1mg of a controlled cannabinoid, namely THC (9) and remain completely lawful according to the exempted product criteria.

I’m not happy with the product and service provided, who do I contact?

We’re very sorry to hear this.  We take customer service very seriously, it’s extremely important to us that we meet your expectations.  Please contact [email protected] at your earliest convenience.  We endeavour to answer emails within 4 – 5 hours during normal work hours, please be patient as we will get back to you as soon as we can.